The Storiteler is about remembering the oldest stories of all.

It is about realising that we are the people of humanity.

Our world is in rapid change. What was normal is now in question. Mainstream understanding of what is happening attaches itself to “How things were” rather than to “How things now are”. Science is uncertain of what the facts will turn out to be. It’s time to spread wisdom!

When completely new energies and experiences arise science has no basis and is no better placed to interpret than you or I.

It’s almost as if a new world is materialising with us already in it.

The Storiteler tells us it is …

Humanity is seeded in each of us.

No harming the other intentionally.

Find new ways to agree.

Get along with each other – be easy.

The Time is Now

Storiteler Card

The Storiteler is a character existing in both time and eternity. The Storiteler’s story includes those things; time and eternity. It is about the dream of a journey we all take, exploring freedom of choice in the realms of time and space. But time has cycles, beginnings and an endings, a timeless moment of eternity…

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