This is the location for the Storiteler Arts Stall.

Top floor on the northern aisle about half way along.

Michael Bossom

Michael is a creative artist usually working in molten wax colours, known as encaustic art. His work is completely unique and his images often offer exciting and strong imagery, especially in the fantasy and spiritual fantasy areas. But he also works and enjoys landscape as well as abstract design. He is well known for his work around the world and for creating a range of products which allow anyone to begin this technique. However, having retired from that product selling he now focuses on the artwork itself and offers originals as well as a good range of affordable prints and cards.

Alison Mitton

Alison is a talented water colour artist and is one of Michael’s sisters. Her work is styled and flowing. Subjects range from floral and fun landscape to flowing scripts which are clever collections of names, places, interesting things. She offers a range of affordable prints and greetings cards with some originals too.