Telepathy is communication between people on a non-physical level

Is telepathy real?

The only way to know if you have telepathic capability is to experiment with others. In this way you will discover if you can share any communication together by using mental energies.
Each human being is individual and will experience life and reality in a personal way. Connection between people will vary. Perhaps there are many levels of telepathic connection.
Experimental Telepathy explores our telepathic possibilities in a personal way. Belief plays no part. It’s all about real experiencing.
It is not mind reading. It is not intuition. Telepathy is perhaps better thought of as transmission through direct connection.

Experiment with others you feel may be receptive to your communication.

* In the early stages, practise by using common and familiar sets of things to project to the "other" e.g colours

* Radiate the idea, word, image, quality or whatever, with clear clean focus toward the mind of the "other one".

* Eye contact may be helpful in connection with "the other".

* Sitting across a table, holding hands, left upward, right downward, with eye contact may be helpful in connection.

* Start by making things as easy as possible. It's not a test nor a challenge. It is about helping "the other" connect and succeed.